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Graphic Design Services in Tempe,
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Graphic Design Services in Tempe - Creating your brand one picture at a time.

A first impression is very important in the business world. Moving your business up to the ultimate level of success takes a lot more than just a good service or product. If your potential clients are not aware that your company exists and have never heard of you, than the only thing they can possibly go on is your company's image or brand.

The Graphics we will design for you are made to make a first impression memorable, an impression that lasts a long time and will separate you from all the rest of the companies out there. When creating a design, the greatest care is taken to have your brand prominent, consistent and strong. Once the visual representation is there, then it is up to your company to back it up.

Tasks we create to accomplish these objectives:

Corporate Identity Design Media Kit Design Logo Design
Trifold Brochure Design Banner Design Magazine Ad Design
Flyer Design Postcard Design Hanging Tags

Our Design Process

Just like any of our other quotes and proposals, we will clearly lay out what is involved in our design process, project goals and bench marks, break down the pricing for the different elements, and we will explain how the finished graphic design assets will be provided. We begin all jobs and especially logo design with research into your niche and the business itself. The logo of a company is the most undervalued design asset by business owners and their affiliates, but is the most important. It is how the world knows you!  Great graphic/logos require research, thought and creativity on our part. We start by providing research for your business identity and follow up with 2-3 initial directions for your review usually within 2 weeks.

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