Publication Design Services in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Publication Design in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, Paradise Valley and the surrounding Metro area.

Newsletters, Fliers, Manuals, Membership Rosters or Posters are all activities that take time and the attention to detail to make them feel and look professional. With over 25 years of experience in this area, let us help you take your rough material and translate it into the publication you want.


DESIGN CONCEPT phase starts the process and this originates from a client stating they have a publication or manual that they would like to have prepared and "camera ready" for the printer. There are a series of discussions to make sure the Design Concept is understood.  This provides a  better look at the actual scope of the project and the cost associated with it. As part of the discussion is the requested delivery date.  We can make plans with your or our printer for publication.  Fees vary widely for this type of service, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a "No Obligation" quote.  Once the Design Concept is understood, we move to the next phase. 

During CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT phase, KMH Kreations is actually takes the Design Concept and based on the discussions with the client we then typically develop 2 or 3 design layouts. This is when the publication or manual starts to take shape and the general feeling of the document come alive.

KMH Kreations Process Map

The PROJECT MODIFICATIONS phase typically is quite short, if the work done in phase 1 and 2 are done properly and good discussions have occurred.  If not, this is when the client makes those final adjustments. The publication's layout is in place but actual content has not been added, thus making it is easy to actually change things without doing expensive modifications. The client now starts to see what they need to provide in the order of details to complete the document. This phase is when the actual content is discussed and amount of type of content is defined.  Once the actual content starts to arrive it is time to move to the next phase.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT phase is just that, now the team knows the content as defined during Design Concept and as it arrives it is loaded into the publication.  During this phase, KMH Kreations takes data from the client and places into the document layout; this is then shared with the client for their approval.  Each element of the document is completed and then approved.

Final phase takes the finished site through a FINAL REVIEW for adherence to the Design Concept and Content Developed. Once all approvals are in place, we prepare the document for DEPLOYMENT or as we call it, "sending it to the printer". We can do the printing or we can provide the "camera ready" product that you can send to your printer. 

Once again, fees vary widely for this type of service, feel free to contact us and we will provide with a "No Obligation" quote.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Services in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Graphic Design in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, Paradise Valley and the surrounding Metro area.

First impressions are vitally important in the business world. Moving up your business to the level of success that you aspire to, takes more than just having the top services or products. If your potential customers do not know anything about or have never heard of you, than the only thing they can to go on is your image.

The Graphics we design are made to make a first impression that lasts a long time and separates you from the rest. When designing, the greatest care is taken to have your brand consistent and strong. Once the visual is there, than it is up to you to back it up.

Tasks we do to accomplish these objectives:

Corporate Identity Design Media Kit Design Logo Design
Trifold Brochure Design Banner Design Magazine Ad Design
Flyer Design Postcard Design Hanging Tags

Our Design Process

Just like all of our other quotes and proposals we clearly lay out our design process, project goals and bench marks, break down the pricing for different elements, and how the finished design assets will be provided. We begin all jobs especially logo design with research into your niche and your business itself. The logo of a company is probably the most undervalued design asset by business owners and their affiliates. Great logos require research, thought and creativity. We start by providing research for your business identity and follow up with 2-3 initial directions for your review usually within 2 weeks.

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Our Services

Our efforts are focused on fast, quick responding, customer focused services, so our clients share their experience and encourage others to use our services thus growing our business.

Whether you already have a website and want your site updated or you want to have a site custom built we provide that dynamic touch that brings life to your website that will exceed your expectations.
Your business' bottomline is what it is all about, KMH Kreations is ready to guide you in your use of the Internet to grow your business .

Website Design and Management

Responsive Website Design

We do not create “cookie-cutter” style websites. We create personalized sites that tell your story the way you want it to be told.


Website Design & Management Services in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Website Design & Management in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, Paradise Valley and the surrounding Metro area.

Phoenix Website Design & Management.  Offering leading Web Design solutions for the Sun Valley area.Your business has 5 seconds to make a first impression to your Phoenix Audience.

Our Phoenix Website Design Company provides innovative, responsive and modern website designs with Desktop and Mobile Friendly intuitive functional features that keep our clients in the Phoenix metro area coming back year after year for more website design and development services. We pride ourselves on staying on top the latest technology and trend setting designs. Our website design services surpass any of our web design competitors in Phoenix by focusing on each individuals' responsive website design project as if it was our very own.

Whether you are in need of an html5 website with strong responsive CSS3 coding skills, or a content management system dynamic website with a tailored backend for your customers to log in, our Website Design Firm in Phoenix is a preferred website development company in Arizona. Call us today for a free website design and development quote!

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We offer 100% free consultations and Website design quotes Monday-Friday in Phoenix. Call 602-740-5635 to set up a free website design consultation, with endless possibilities for SEO.

Customize your website design to your wants and desires. 

KMH Kreations can help you organize all your information, photos, and applications into a clean, friendly website  with a well developed and supported Content Management System. We use Joomla or WordPress to bring you professional, expensive looking, interactive websites on an affordable budget.  We can build the code but with Joomla or WordPress we save time and pass that savings on to our clients.  Our basic websites start at $695 for 10 web-pages.

The process originates from a client stating they want either a new Website or they wish to refresh their current site. To help facilitate this phase of the process, KMH Kreations uses a content questionnaire tool that systematically leads us through this critical phase. The results are a detailed design concept. Based on the questionnaire and discussion with the client we then typically develop 4 to 6 design layouts.

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The designs reflect the clients initial thoughts on what they want and the colors they prefer. We then suggest design and content concepts to the client to guide them to the best approaches for their desired outcome. The various tools are discussed and the tool's involvement determined.  This helps focus the design activities during the next step.



When the purpose and intent of the website are clarified, a revised cost proposal is drafted.  This provides a better look at the actual scope of the project and the cost associated with it. With the clients information in hand, our design team works to blend and integrate the design concept into design draft.



KMH Kreations starts building the website and developing the layouts for the various elements in the site. During this step, the actual modules and support structure that were defined during step 1 are loaded into a site.  This site typically is located on our server and is a working demo that is available to the client but not to the Internet. In this step the site takes shape and we see the general feeling of the site.



Our team posts the content developed in Step 3 and does final reviews to check for issues. The entire team does spelling or grammar checks and then checks again to insure the message and feelings conveyed meet the design concept and objectives. Once our team and the clients give their final approval, the actual project deployment occurs and the Maintenance cycle begins the process again.


Individual Phoenix Web Design Services

Do You want just a Custom Website Design?

Do you feel you have good content in a content management system, but would like a new custom website layout? We can do that for you. A custom website layout starts at $150 delivered to you so you can load it onto your website.

Do You Want Post-Site Design Management?

We really don't leave you there, we also offer website management services.  This the maintenance cycle of the process. Designing a new or refreshing a web site is exciting, but keeping a client’s site contemporary is very important to us.  We offer pay-as-you-go rates or Annual maintenance packages starting at around $500, based on your site's complexity.  Just ask us for a quote, there is no obligation.

So, if you have a business that needs a new website or one that has a website that needs refreshing, please contact us so we can share some ideas on how to think dynamic, be progressive and get creative in reinvigorating your business.

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Inbound Marketing

Just physically having a web site is not enough to generate business!

This statement is not exactly rocket science when you really think about how many people visit the web and the number of sites that exist on the world wide web.

Having a great looking and functioning web site is only a start. The very size of the Internet global audience is a major reason we have websites. An environment that provides almost instant information and permit real time responses are some of the unique qualities of the Internet. Inbound marketing is sometimes considered to be broad in scope because it not only refers to marketing on the Internet, but also includes marketing done via social media management (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc.), increasing web search visibility through SEO, and newsletter publishing/distribution.  These efforts help to assure that your business is found by your potential clients, plus analysis of what is happening with your marketing campaign.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, Paradise Valley and the surrounding Metro area.

Do you know how are your customers currently finding you online? If your answer is any other answer other than yes, your website is probably little more than a business card or flyer. Search engine optimization is a critical component of any online marketing campaign. Whether you’re getting traffic today or not, a well-designed and well-implemented Phoenix SEO campaign can help your business grow to whole new levels.

SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. We optimize your website to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Further, we promote your site to increase the number of inbound links.

There is a process to a well developed SEO campaign.  Here are our 5 steps to increase your traffic online.

  • Initial Consultation - This is the point where we explain our approach, determine your expectations, and show you why you should hire us and not some cut-rate offshore company.
  • Keyword Research - This step involves finding the optimal keyword phrases to promote your business, and comparing them to what your potential clients are searching for.
  • On-Site Optimization - Implementing the research data, as well as making sure your website's content is well optimized without any incorrect coding or errors.
  • Off-Site Optimization - An important second step in making sure that you're listed in major directories, and other sites are linking to your site.
  • Measure and make Adjustments - This is the ongoing process of SEO.  As the Search engines adapt, so must the SEO Campaign.

We can’t guarantee you overnight SEO results. Anyone that makes such claims is absolutely lying and will likely lead to Google penalizing your website. Well-designed search engine optimization campaigns take time to be effective, but the results can be truly amazing.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the scientific implementation of keyword phrases that will help your customers find your website on search engines. SEO is not some magical Internet voodoo. Google openly provides guidelines on what they’re looking for on websites. We spend a lot of time and effort researching and working within those guidelines to give your site more authority with Google. This does lead to more traffic withe stable and long lasting search rankings.

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Common Questions Associated with SEO

Do you guarantee that I will be ranked #1 for my keywords?

Making a guarantee of first place results is a promise that nobody can truthfully provide. Any company that makes this guarantee is a company that you should be very skeptical of, because more often than not, they just want your money. We have many methods that we use that will increase your rankings, increase relevant traffic to your site, and hopefully increase the amount of leads for your business. The amount of increase depends on how well your site is established, how competitive of a market you’re in, and what type of monthly budget you have to work with.

Can you make my site appear at the top of Google?

Page one is our desired goal, but not a guarantee. While we have had great success with getting clients to appear at the top of Google results, we won’t make a generalized statement on doing it for everyone without first evaluating your current marketing efforts, competition, industry, and business goals. A short discussion will help us both decide if our services are a good fit for your company.

How long does it take before I start to see good results?

Your results will depend on how well your site is established, your markets competition, and what type of monthly budget you have to work with. New sites or sites in highly competitive markets can take six months to one year to see good results.

Why should I hire KMH Kreations?

It all comes down to the old saying of “you get what you pay for”,which is very true for SEO. There are many people that can “do SEO” by making a few page updates here or there, but there are very few companies that can conduct an advanced SEO campaign and be able to show you measurable results from their efforts. SEO is constantly changing, which requires KMHK to invest serious time and money in learning about the new updates. If your cheap SEO provider isn’t completely up on the newest techniques or Google updates, you may not see very good results and could possibly have your site penalized or banned altogether.

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Social Media Management

Social Media Management Services in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Social Media Management in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, Paradise Valley and the surrounding Metro area.

Phoenix Social Media Management in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, and the surrounding Metro area.The goal of SMM is to create content that demands attention, and will generate conversations online, which will encourage readers to share it on their social networks. The message will hopefully spread (going viral) from user to user because it is coming from a trusted source, as opposed to the brand or company itself.

Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access, opening doors to increase your brand awareness and facilitate conversations with the customer.

Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform to implement marketing campaigns. Our efforts are to create ways to receive direct feedback from customers and targeted markets.

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Tasks we do to accomplish these objectives:

Fan Pages Created for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

Having a website is great, but the cheapest most effective form of marketing on the internet these days is through the use of these top 4 social networks. People are so desensitized by having television & radio stations force their commercials upon them. Social Media is the future here today of advertising through participation, brand management, and the establishment of trust between you and your clients, as well as potential clients.

Fanbox & Twitter Feed added to sites

Adding widgets to your website from your various social network accounts keeps your users informed of what your company is buzzing about, as well as keeps your pages up to date with the latest information, without a lot of updating pages constantly. 

Integration of social buttons

These have become extremely important to have on company website. These buttons allow the users to follow your brand, or promote your company through their Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ accounts. Below are examples of live buttons that can be seamlessly integrated throughout your website.


Complete Social Media Account Management

There are many business out there that have social media profiles that are there, but are left to rot. We understand that you need to focus on your business, and may not have the time to make the effort to actively participate in the social mediasphere. Whether it be promotions, discussions, custom landing pages, or any other active engagement with your fans/followers, we have experienced, affordable social media managers that can take your business to a highly active level using the latest activity trends. This means more business leads for your company.

Business Listing on Twellow (Twitter Yellow Pages), and other Social Account Directories

It isn't enough just to have social media business accounts. Listing your accounts with social media directories is as effective as listing your phone number with Yellowpages or other type of directories. Twellow is the leader in twitter account listings, and we will make sure your account is listed there, as well as other social directories.

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Blog Design & Management Services in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Blog Design & Management in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, Paradise Valley and the surrounding Metro area.

In this day and age, everybody seems to have a blog.  Whether people are posting their vacation photos or reporting the latest news, it seems the Internet is flooded with bloggers.  So a lot of companies with great products and services may ask themselves “what’s the point?”

 The point is this: people are always looking for trustworthy, reliable sources of information.  The simple fact of the matter is whether you want your company to be the trusted authority in your field or your competitor.  Directly, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of money in blogging (at least for the average blogger), but when the trust is built, then people have your company’s name on their minds when it comes time to get some help.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a blog for your company.

blogKeeping your customers informed – Well there’s no surprise on this one, but having ways to keep your company informed on your latest developments is always a goodchoice.  Blogs are great ways of showing off your skills and professional knowledge, without trying to jam it down their throats.  Every website says they’re the best.  Its companies that show that fact through discussions, tutorials, news, and interviews that will convince the skeptics.

Increased link-backs to your website – Of course some customers will link to you website, but interesting articles are shared amongst readers, and these you can have many links from a single reader if your content is good.  Good articles can raise your authority in no time.

Creating repeat traffic – Just like any brick and mortar storefront, repeat traffic increases the chances of potential customers to purchase your goods or services.

Expanding to new audiences – Even though you more than likely should write about your market, there is always a chance that you may touch on issues that will attract a wide spectrum of potential customers to your articles.

Increasing your company’s popularity – This may be the hardest objective to achieve, but for most bloggers, this is the ultimate goal.

KMH Kreations for their Blogging services will design and build your blog site and then they can actually maintain it for you.  To do this, they work with your company to create and post the blogs to your site.  A key to good blogging is providing relevent content and frequent updates or new blogs.  This is tough work but we have staff waiting to help you make it happen.

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