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KMH Kreations is a publication design firm that knows how to position clients to their best advantage with smart strategy and high-impact creative publications. Our philosophy? Make the idea clear and simple, the design surprising and beautiful.  Newsletters, Fliers, Manuals, Membership Rosters or Posters are all activities that take time and the attention to detail to make them feel and look professional. With over 25 years of experience in this area, let us help you take your rough material and translate it into the elegant  that publication you want to see.


DESIGN CONCEPT phase starts the process and this originates from a client stating they have a publication or manual that they would like to have prepared and "camera ready" for the printer. There are a series of discussions to make sure the Design Concept is understood.  This provides a  better look at the actual scope of the project and the cost associated with it. As part of the discussion is the requested delivery date.  We can make plans with your or our printer for publication.  Fees vary widely for this type of service, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a "No Obligation" quote.  Once the Design Concept is understood, we move to the next phase. 

During CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT phase, KMH Kreations is actually takes the Design Concept and based on the discussions with the client we then typically develop 2 or 3 design layouts. This is when the publication or manual starts to take shape and the general feeling of the document come alive.

KMH Kreations Process Map

The PROJECT MODIFICATIONS phase typically is quite short, if the work done in phase 1 and 2 are done properly and good discussions have occurred.  If not, this is when the client makes those final adjustments. The publication's layout is in place but actual content has not been added, thus making it is easy to actually change things without doing expensive modifications. The client now starts to see what they need to provide in the order of details to complete the document. This phase is when the actual content is discussed and amount of type of content is defined.  Once the actual content starts to arrive it is time to move to the next phase.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT phase is just that, now the team knows the content as defined during Design Concept and as it arrives it is loaded into the publication.  During this phase, KMH Kreations takes data from the client and places into the document layout; this is then shared with the client for their approval.  Each element of the document is completed and then approved.

Final phase takes the finished site through a FINAL REVIEW for adherence to the Design Concept and Content Developed. Once all approvals are in place, we prepare the document for DEPLOYMENT or as we call it, "sending it to the printer". We can do the printing or we can provide the "camera ready" product that you can send to your printer. 

Once again, fees vary widely for this type of service, feel free to contact us and we will provide with a "No Obligation" quote.

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