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These Days, everybody and their brother seems to have a blog.  Whether or not people are posting their latest vacation photos or reporting the latest news in their respective niche, it seems that the Web is flooded with amature bloggers.  So a lot of companies that provide great products or services may ask themselves “Is there really a point of blogging?”

The point of keeping up and maintaining a clean looking, professional blog is this: people are always on the hunt for trustworthy, reliable sources of information.  The simple question is whether or not you want your company to be a trusted authority in your field of expertise, or would you rather your competitor have that honor for themselves.  Directly, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of money in blogging (at least for most average bloggers), but when the trust is built, then people have your company’s name on their minds when it comes time to get some help.

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Here are some of the benefits of having a blog for your company.

Gilbert Blog Design and ManagementKeeping your customers properly informed of your latest developments – Well this point is no surprise, but having multiple avenues to keep your clients informed on your latest news is always a good choice.  Blogs provide a great platform for showing off your skills and professional knowledge, without trying to jam the information down your potential client's/customer's throats.  Every website says they are the best in their field.  It's the companies that show their knowledge through discussions, tutorials, news, and interviews that will convince the skeptics who is actually telling the truth.

Increased inbound link-backs to your website – Of course some customers will link to you website's blog information, but interesting articles may go viral and will be shared amongst readers.  Good articles can raise your authority in no time flat.

Creating repeat traffic – Just like any brick and mortar storefront, repeat traffic increases the chances of potential customers to purchase your goods or services.

Expanding to new audiences – Even though you will more than likely should write about your market, there is always a chance that you may touch on issues that will attract a wide spectrum of potential customers to your articles.

Increasing your company’s popularity – This may be the hardest objective to achieve, but for most bloggers, this is the ultimate goal.

KMH Kreations' Blogging services will design and build your blog site and can actually maintain it for you if you wish.  To accomplish this task, we will work with your company to create interesting content, and post the articles to your site.  A key to good blogging is providing relevant content and frequent updates.  This is tough work but we have staff waiting to help you make it happen.

KMH Kreations Blog Creation package includes:

  • Installation and configuration of blog software and hosting. We use and highly recommend WordPress.
  • Blog design created and applied for consistent branding and seemless integration with your main commercial site.
  • Strategy, design and application of clear “ACTION” buttons in the sidebar of your blog to achieve conversion.
  • Blog set up as a sub-domain of your current site (i.e. for maximum organic search visibility.
  • Blog software training, support and best practices for writing engaging content.

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