• How Much Does A Site Cost?

    A basic site costs $695 and goes up from there.  This includes a responsive template design and up to 10 pages.

  • How Long Does It Take To Get A Website Completed?

    Our typical turn around time is 2 weeks after we get the last of the client's content. To us content means the idea, thoughts, words and pictures to support each idea for a page.

    We can develop the content for you, that service is done at an hourly rate. Several of our clients have asked us to do that and of course the clients will still have the final say on what actually is used on their web site.

  • Do You Offer Web Hosting?

    No, unfortunately we currently do not. Having to maintain our own servers and software is an expensive process that we have seen drive up costs to our competitor's customers. However, we are an IPOWER Affiliate and can get you great hosting prices!

  • What Is Your Company's Billing Cycle?

    With most projects, there is a 25% down plus hosting fee (if necessary). The remainder is due upon completion.

    For Maintenance, we bill for changes made at the first of the month.

  • Do You Perform Site Backups?

    We perform site backups for our clients whenever we do a major change to the website. However, we can perform monthly or weekly site backups for a nominal monthly fee if the client wishes.

  • My Company Needs A Good Logo. Does KMH Kreations Do Graphic Design?

    Yes we do. Graphic Design is an integral part of Website & Publication Design. We would not be able to function in this industry without exceptional Graphic Design skills.

  • I Have Seen Ads On TV/Web Advertising Quick Easy Sites For As Low As $199. Why Should I Choose KMH Kreations Instead?

    There are so many reasons to choose KMH Kreations over some of those "Site Mills" that it would take a good hour to cover them all. So, we'll stick to the most important points:

    • We Are A Custom Website/Publication Design, Marketing & Consulting Company - What this means is we build a site for you and you alone, with the functionality and design you want. These "Site Mills" let you choose from a variety of templates. Then you can change some colors, add some pictures and text, then miraculously, your site is now online and the sales roll in! Right? Wrong. Now you are left with a site that looks like your neighbors blog, and have to pay a monthly fee for something you had to do yourself anyway, with absolutely no Online Marketing direction. Also, they tend to use a single, basic CMS for all of their websites, leaving you with no advanced functionality to put your site above your competitors. However, it is cheap and you get exactly what you pay for. That is, until you add up in a year how much you spent on monthly fees, which leads us to our next point.
    • No Monthly Fees - We only charge for the time it takes us to update your site, not monthly like some of these "Site Mills". We also have solutions for you to maintain it yourself, so you don't have to pay us after we build your site. But be warned! If you maintain the site, but don't keep to the level of quality we started your site off with, we may take our link off the bottom of the site because after all, we have a reputation to maintain, but that is another point.
    • We Are Here To Stay - KMH Kreations is not a fly by night business that will leave you high and dry when your site needs help.  We think of our clients as family and so should you.
    • This Is What We Do - We do Website Design, SEO, and Social Media Management. Some of these other companies are a subsidiary of this, owned by that, or subcontracted by someone else. Wouldn't you rather have an expert at just what you are looking for, rather than a company good at everything. The Web is constantly changing, hire a focused company like us.
    • Fair, Affordable Prices For Quality Work - At KMH Kreations we do not have a fleet of Web Designers on staff. This way we can keep prices fair for our customers by limiting the amount of hands in our cookie jar.
    • Personable Customer Service - Call these big companies and find yourself on hold half way around the world! Our clients are people, not Client IDs. With KMH Kreations you will always get the feeling that we are here for you. After all it is your business that is important to us.

    These are a few highlights of the many reason KMH Kreations is right for you! Don't take our word for it. Check out our Testimonials Page and see what our other clients have to say.

  • What Does KMH Stand For?

    The company was named after the owner's daughter, whose initials are KMH.