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Chandler Social Media Management in Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Tempe, Phoenix, and the surrounding Metro area.The point of SMM is to come up with content that gains attention, and will spark conversations online, which will encourage readers to share it on their social networks. The message will hopefully spread (going viral) from person to person because it is coming from a trusted person, as opposed to the brand or company itself.

Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access, opening doors to increase your brand awareness and facilitate conversations with the customer.

Social media marketing is a technique that goes beyond the normal social media presence. The process introduces and reinforces a marketing message while pushing a user to another profile or business site. Creating a basic social media presence is easy enough, but getting the community to actually do something is more difficult. We help our clients build a community, increase marketing effectiveness, and incentivize traffic. Social media management and marketing works great for small companies, large corporations, franchises, restaurants, nightclubs, stores and even brands.

Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform to implement marketing campaigns. Our efforts are to create ways to receive direct feedback from customers and targeted markets.

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Tasks we do to accomplish these objectives:

Fan Pages Created for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

Having a website is great, but the cheapest most effective form of marketing on the internet these days is through the use of these top 4 social networks. People are so desensitized by having television & radio stations force their commercials upon them. Social Media is the future here today of advertising through participation, brand management, and the establishment of trust between you and your clients, as well as potential clients.

Fanbox & Twitter Feed added to sites

Adding widgets to your website from your various social network accounts keeps your users informed of what your company is buzzing about, as well as keeps your pages up to date with the latest information, without a lot of updating pages constantly. 

Integration of social buttons

These have become extremely important to have on company website. These buttons allow the users to follow your brand, or promote your company through their Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ accounts. Below are examples of live buttons that can be seamlessly integrated throughout your website.


Complete Social Media Account Management

There are many business out there that have social media profiles that are there, but are left to rot. We understand that you need to focus on your business, and may not have the time to make the effort to actively participate in the social media-sphere. Whether it be promotions, discussions, custom landing pages, or any other active engagement with your fans/followers, we have experienced, affordable social media managers that can take your business to a highly active level using the latest activity trends. This means more business leads for your company.

Business Listing on Twellow (Twitter Yellow Pages), and other Social Account Directories

It isn't enough just to have social media business accounts. Listing your accounts with social media directories is as effective as listing your phone number with Yellowpages or other type of directories. Twellow is the leader in twitter account listings, and we will make sure your account is listed there, as well as other social directories.

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