Who We Are

KMH Kreations is a company that thrives on fulfilling client direction, exceeding expectations, and providing long-term client satisfaction. As such, our logo, the Honu (Hawaiian for sea turtle), demonstrates much of who we are as an organization.


Designers at KMH Kreations are gentle creatures, like the Honu. We are NOT going to force you into a site, design, or publication you do not need nor want. We will guide you to make sure your dream and concept come to life. When you and your organization are delighted with the outcome, KMH Kreations has done its job.

iPower AffiliateThe design team at KMH Kreations is an agile and creative group, with experience and education using various photo-editing tools, flash, CSS, and the latest in Web 2.0 Technologies. KMH Kreations can lend a hand to update your current logo as well as create something new and modern, if desired.

About KMH KreationsEmpower your organization as you work with KMH Kreations while we provide wisdom on why a website can do more for you and your organization. We strive to give your site, design, or publication a focus and make it a lot easier to measure success. Just as the Honu have been swimming around for the past one-hundred million years, KMH Kreations will be around to assist you and your organization with all your website, design, and publication needs.

KMH Kreations wants to be an integral part of your marketing team and help you create the online presence you want your organization to portray to the world. We are a Custom Website Design Company. We do not use or create cookie-cutter websites. Each site we design is for our client alone. Your company is unique! Your website should reflect that.

Do not just think locally, Think Dynamically. Allow KMH Kreations to help you acquire a GLOBAL online presence!

Always Be Progressive. If you choose KHM Kreations, we can build a unique, visually pleasing, fully functional website for you. But keep in mind that the journey to a successful website doesn't end there. After awhile, if your websites content doesn't change, your website may get stale, and more than likely, so will your viewer's interest! Frequent content updates can be the difference between a household website or a site that is lost to the web of time. If you so wish it, KMH Kreations would be more than happy to maintain and update the content of your site! This means no hassles for you!

Last, but not least, Get Creative! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sometimes it takes that extra step, that new directiion or idea, to seperate your site from the millions of others out there. Who would have ever thought that sites, with silly names like google, yahoo or bing would have become popular? Well, they did. Creativity is always the first step to innovation, and KMH Kreations can guide you to that site which is innovative, creative, and just plain fun to explore, but informational and helpful to the user, with the ease of simple, clear navigation.

Explore our site, and take some time to look at some very different sites, designs, and graphics KMH Kreations has produced.

Longevity – Throughout the world, turtles and tortoises are known for having a long lifespan.

The Spirit Within – The Honu are a Hawaiian symbol of the spirit within.

Wisdom – In Chinese mythology, the sea turtle represents wisdom.

Direction – The Honu helped guide the Hawaiian people find their way to the Hawaiian islands.

An ancient Japanese saying, “Tsuru Sen-nen, Kame Man-nen” As the Crane one thousand years, the Tortoise ten thousand years.